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Express Lashes

Choose from a variety of 3 temporary looks that last from 1 day – 2 weeks. Express lashes are ideal for special occasions, weddings, a week away or that big night out. It’s a speedy service to those with little time to spare but still want the amazing lash transformation you get with eyelash extensions. Our lash fillers and express extensions will need to be removed professionally after the recommended length to wear to prevent lash damage.

Striplash application (Includes striplashes)

10-15 mins – £20.00

Striplashes are for one day only and are easily removed at home.


Lash Fillers / Clusters

25-30mins – £25.00

Can last up to 3-5 days as long as the recommended aftercare is followed.
*you will need these lashes professional removed.


Express Extensions

35-45 min – £35.00

Can last up to 2 weeks when aftercare if followed correctly.
*you will need these lashes removed professionally


Express Lash Removal

15-20mins – £15.00

Recommended when having lash fillers or express extensions to prevent natural lash damage, however we do sell nouveau lash removal kit for your convenience to us at home.